Logitech G500 review

Logitech G500
The Logitech G500

  • PC (no MAC support)
  • 10 buttons
  • 5700 DPI laser sensor
  • weight tuning cartridges (up to 27g extra weight)
  • 2 settings for scroll wheel: normal and frictionless
  • on-board memory
  • macro support


The Logitech G500 is the successor to the G5 which came out back in 2007. It is without a doubt the most well-known gaming mouse made by Logitech. Changes from the original G5 include a vastly improved sensor bringing the DPI up from 2000 to 5700,  relocation of the two DPI buttons, additional buttons on the side and 8KB of on-board memory while still keeping the weight kit that distinguished the G5.


All ten buttons are fully programmable and come with macro support, which is great. The on board memory on the other hand, not so much. Since it only has 8KB of storage, that means that you can only save one profile, which kind of defeats the whole purpose. So unless you travel frequently with your mouse, the on-board memory doesn’t serve any real purpose.

The software works well, even if it’s a little bit on the basic side. Speed, polling rate, acceleration, angle snapping and separate x and y axis DPI are the primary things you can change, along with the buttons assignments and macros of course.┬áThe G500 mouse has 5 DPI settings which can be changed from 200 to 5700. Back to the more physical side of things, the weight tuning system from the old G5 returns. The mouse itself weighs 116g and if that’s not enough, the 6 included cartridges will allow you to easily add up to 27g into the base of the mouse if you want.


The Logitech G500 doesn’t stray away too far from the G5. The mouse still remains large, it fits well in your palm making it excellent for those who prefer a palm grip when playing. It has grooves on both sides allowing you to rest your thumb and pinkie comfortably. The DPI buttons have moved from under the scroll wheel to the left side where it’s reachable with your index finger. Then you have three easily accessible buttons on the left hand side about where your thumb rests. The buttons only require light presses to activate.

The scroll wheel is a mixed bag. its speed can be toggled with the “MicroGear” button below. There is the traditional scrolling speed allowing for click by click movement, then there is the hyperfast frictionless setting used mainly for browsing long webpages or documents. The wheel also wobbles left and right, which is where the problem lies. The Logitech G500 sometimes registers a click on the scroll wheel as a tilt instead, making it unreliable as a button, which effectively pulls down the total button amount to 9.


The Logitech G500 is a relatively advanced mouse for PC gamers using a palm grip. Ten programmable buttons (with macros), great ergonomics and the weight tuning system are its primary selling points.

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