Logitech G602 review

logitech g602

  • Windows/MAC
  • 1440 hours of battery life in endurance mode
  • 250 hours of battery life in performance mode
  • 11 programmable buttons
  • 2500 DPI optical sensor
  • 2ms response time


Continuing their trend of overhauling their older lines of gaming mice, Logitech set out to improve the G700s, which is their flagship wireless gaming mouse. The results of Logitech’s efforts have led them to make the G602. Whereas the G700s was a high DPI mouse intended for MMOs, The G602 took a different route and set out to have the longest battery life of any gaming mouse. It also boasts the Delta Zero sensor technology, which is supposed to save power and provide high accuracy cursor control.

Logitech G602 performance

Right off the bat many gamers are going to notice its relatively low DPI of 2500. This doesn’t come anywhere near the resolution you would expect from a gaming mouse this price, but it is all done in the name of conserving battery life. You can change the DPI in increments of 250 through the software. On the accuracy side of things the G602 performs as you would expect: nearly flawlessly. Even to this day wireless gaming mice still have to deal with the stigma of being less accurate than their wired brethren, even though that changed a few years ago. The polling rate caps at 500 reports per second whereas the G700s could handle up to 1000, but this is again meant to conserve the battery life. Speaking of the battery life, it is by far the most impressive thing about it.

There are two different options when it comes to battery life: endurance mode and performance mode. Endurance mode is meant for general non-gaming usage and will last you up to 1440 hours, which is 60 days. The performance mode will boost the speed and precision to its fullest. You can use this mode for 250 hours straight, which is around eleven days. Considering that most wireless gaming mice have a battery life of around 10 hours or so, it’s easy to see the significance of this.

The G602 takes 2 AA batteries, but the interesting thing is that it can function with just 1, which will of course reduce the battery life by half. Note that there is no option to use it as a wired mouse in any way, it’s 100% wireless so you’d better have batteries at hand when it does run out (eventually). The battery life is displayed below the scroll wheel so you don’t find yourself with a dead mouse in the middle of gaming.

Logitech G602 Ergonomics

It’s not just the performance that differs from the G700s, the aesthetics are also completely different. First of all you’ll notice the prominent thumb support on the left, also the fact that the right click button is quite a bit longer than the left due to the fact that your middle finger is obviously longer than your pointer finger. Besides the left and right click buttons you’ll find two more to the left of your pointer finger which control the DPI. The left hand side is covered with 6 more buttons in the style of typical MMO gaming mice. They’re quite large and easy to hit and bulge outwards from the center.

Overall the mouse is on the big side, not to mention quite heavy with the 2 AA batteries inserted. So if you like having a big, heavy mouse to use your palm grip on you’ll find the ergonomics to be extremely comfortable. If however you prefer smaller mice with either a fingertip or claw grip, you should look at the g700s¬†instead. Lastly the¬†lefties will find this right-handed mouse unusable yet again as Logitech rarely makes ambidextrous mice.

Logitech G602 software

g602 software

The software is nothing out of the ordinary, even if it does look quite sleek. You’ll find the usual assortment of options here such as changing your DPI settings, polling rate, a macro editor and the ability to program your buttons. All of this information is stored on the mouse itself thanks to its various profiles. There are no fancy lighting options that you can mess with, this is of course due to the fact that there are no lights on the mouse besides the battery life indicator.


Logitech has successfully created the longest lasting wireless gaming mouse to date, at the cost of higher DPI settings. The ergonomics are top of the line. If you like your mice to be wireless and hate running out of juice, the G602 will be right up your alley.

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  1. you can actually create macros but only on the computer profiles, just activate computer profiles and add “multi-key” command. although this means you can’t save a profile with macros to the onboard memory^:(

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