Logitech G700s review

Logitech G700s
The Logitech G700s.

  • Wireless, charge while you play
  • Battery life of 8-10 hours
  • 13 programmable buttons
  • 8200 DPI laser sensor
  • On-board memory with 5 profiles
  • On-the-fly adjustable DPI


Back in August 2010 Logitech released the G700, which is still to this day known as one of the most popular wireless gaming mice. Three years later they released an updated version for 2013: the Logitech G700s. It is intended to be a direct replacement over the G700, with the two primary changes being an improved laser sensor, increasing its DPI from 5600 to 8200 and an added striped design. So besides the sensor the two are functionally identical, if you don’t already have the G700, pick up the G700s instead.


One of the cooler things about the Logitech G700s (and G700) is that the cable isn’t just used for recharging the batteries, it also functions as a data transfer cable which allows you to plug in the cable when the batteries are getting low and keep on playing. You can play for approximately 8 to 10 hours straight without the cable. While you are playing wirelessly, the tracking is very impressive for a wireless mouse, probably the best there is period, which probably explains the battery life. When you do plug the cable in it is on par with any other wired mouse, naturally.


As you may have already noticed from the shape and button placement the Logitech G700s is right-handed, so lefties stay clear. There is a very deep curve on the left where you can rest your thumb. To the left side you’ll find a battery life indicator which won’t be covered by your finger when gaming. Due to the size and curves of this mouse it is definitely intended for palm-grip users, so if you’re a right-handed palm user you’ll have no problems with the ergonomics.

As said in the introduction the shape and button placements remains unchanged from the G700. Below the scroll wheel you’ll find two buttons, then three more next to the left main button and lastly four very rectangular buttons clustered together on the side of the mouse. All buttons are very easy to reach and click nicely. Lastly there is the stripe pattern, which most people don’t seem to like. I’m personally fine with it, of course it’s not like you’ll be seeing it when you’ll be covering it up with your hand.

Just like with the Logitech G500, the scroll wheel has two modes, a hyper-fast mode used for scrolling through webpages and a normal one. You can switch between these two with the button right below the scroll wheel. And just like with the G500 tilting it so that you can use it as a button is a pain due to it being unresponsive. So I don’t recommend using the scroll wheel for anything important.


logitech g700s software

First of all please note that the software is windows-only, you won’t be able to customize the settings on a MAC. The software included (Logitech Gaming Software) can support up to five profiles due to its on-board memory. Customization options run the gamut from programming your buttons (obviously), changing your DPI and polling rate, turning on acceleration which you shouldn’t do anyway, and editing macros.

A more interesting function of the Logitech G700s is the “power mode”. This lets you choose whether you want maximum performance at the cost of battery life, or maximum battery life at the cost of performance. Naturally when you’re gaming you’ll want to get the best performance, but if you’re just browsing you could switch it to get the most out of your battery life as you won’t be needing perfect tracking when watching a YouTube video.


The Logitech G700s is without a doubt one of the best wireless gaming mice available on the market, when customized correctly the lag associated with wireless mice will be completely gone.

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